Top Ten Reasons I moved to Whidbey Island

by Myrya Grace

The Weather

Being on the Puget Sound creates a particularly mild climate. Once in awhile the island gets a dusting of snow, but the winters are much more mild than cities more inland. If you’re looking for hot summers, you won’t find them here, but you will find a breezy, coastal climate and many sunny days for being as far North as we are.

Small Yet Diverse Community

It’s easy to get drowned out in a big city, and sometimes it can be harder to meet people. Whidbey Island has some of the nicest people I know. We live in small towns, so being kind and friendly has both long and short-term advantages. It’s easy to make friends here.

It’s a Wonderful Place to Raise a Family

Good public schools and 7 private schooling opportunities, including 1 Waldorf School. This small community encourages participation in the arts and outdoors.

Three Types of Living are Easily Accessible

I live in a rural area, away from tourism and towns. It’s quiet, but there are several cute towns nearby, all offering unique experiences. And, if I feel like I need big city energy, the greater Seattle area is just a short ferry ride away!

Environmental beauty

Some of the most gorgeous sunsets and sunrises I have experienced were on Whidbey Island. The backdrop of the Olympic Mountains, and their snow covered peaks with bright orange, red and pink is a sight to behold. Whidbey Island hosts many different state parks, beaches and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking and boating.

Arts appreciation

Many artists of all mediums live on the South end of the island. There are several venues for plays and musical performances. Whidbey Island Center for the Arts of Langley and The Pacific NorthWest Art School of Coupeville are a few of the most recognized here.

Local economy

There are many businesses that produce local goods, clothing and art here. There is no shortage of Farmer’s Markets and local food here, either. I would compare it to my time living in France, because the accessibility to fresh food is high here. Local businesses seem to not only survive, but thrive.


I have never experienced so many people helping people before I moved here, and of all demographics. I’ve read that volunteering lengthens a person’s life and happiness, so it’s no wonder that the quality of life is so high here.

Larger lots of land are available

I want and enjoy a big yard so that I can garden and enjoy the outdoors more.

The beaches

Why else would anyone live on an island?