I just wanted to say  that our island is a Mecca for gardening enthusiasts from near and far. Our long cool summers and mild winters, along with the blessed rain make Whidbey Island a veritable Gardener’s Eden. Speciality nurseries, Meerkerk Garden, and the annual Whidbey Island Garden tour draw thousands of visitors from clear around the world to marvel at our wonderful plants and flowers.

Another wonderful draw is the local wildlife. The Whidbey Island Birding trail map can be found at local wild bird suppliers and shows dozens of spots for birders to catch glimpses of bald eagles, the Audubon mascot: pigeon guillemot, with its bright red feet, and our abundant sea birds and songbirds. Whale watchers spread the word to get to the shore whenever our precious orcas are spotted. Harbor seals, Stellar sea lions and river otters can regularly be seen throughout our waters. Visors and locals also get a big kick out of our resident Douglas squirrels, bunny rabbits, Townsend’s chipmunks and black-tailed deer.

The pleasures of living on or visiting this wondrous place just goes to prove that Whidbey Island is so magical, ferries bring you here!

Martha Hollis,